Wild Dogs logo design

Wild Dogs Logo Design

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Wild Dogs logo design

The Wild Dogs logo design was created for a company making gourmet hot dogs and food on the go. The logo needed to incorporate a wild dog and be family friendly. I always create my logos in vector format, so that they can be used easily for more specialist printing techniques. For example, these could be used to produce cut vinyl for signs and vehicle livery at any size, without losing of the crispness of the lines or image quality.

Painted dog illustration

I created a number of illustrations for the logo. The one shown here was all of our favourites, as it combined the large comical ears with a cute illustrative feel. This illustration will hopefully appeal to both adults and children alike.


The fonts and typography was specifically chosen as it represented a painterly typeface while still being easily legible. The typography also compliments the style of the illustration I created to further solidify the design. Careful consideration should always be put into ensuring that the font / typeface works with the overall design of the logo. This makes for a cohesive logo, rather than a bunch of separate elements randomly placed together.

Alternate layouts and styles

It is often necessary to create alternate layouts of the brand / logo elements for use in different spaces or dimensions. A visual brand identity should never be too rigid, but rather have recognisable elements, allowing for changes and customisation along the way. A visual identity should evolve not stagnate.

I also added a little more humour and fun, into the alternate versions shown above, by showing the dog’s tongue. I thought that this could denote the fact that the food is mouth-watering while also conveying a cuteness that would appeal to kids. In the future this could be built upon by creating individual dogs for different purposes, while still retaining a consistent visual style.

African Wild Dog / Painted Dog Conservation

A great selling point is that they will contribute a percentage of their profits towards the conservation of the African Wild Dogs / Painted Dogs in Zimbabwe.

When I visited Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe a few years ago, I unfortunately never got to see the dogs in the wild. I did visit the Painted Dog Sanctuary there though, and was very pleasantly surprised by the way it was ethical and caring way it was run. They only had a couple of dogs who were too old to be released into the wild, as all the other rehabilitation dogs had been released back into the wild successfully. This just goes to show the great work they’re doing. But they really need your support to protect the animals from snares and to continue to study them to prevent their numbers declining further.

The painted dogs have markings that are unique to each individual, similar to a human fingerprint. The dogs are beautiful creatures and are extremely caring. Each dog in the pack, is part of a strong family unit, with their own parts to play in caring for each other.

If you’d like to contribute towards the Painted Dog conservation, then please visit painteddog.co.uk or wildnet.org

You can find out more about my logo design and vector illustration services below.

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