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Sportive cycling events artwork

The Beast artwork that went viral

Take a look at some of the Beast artwork which went viral with 162,000 views in just 24 hours!  I designed it for the Yorkshire Beast ultra sportive by Velo29 Events.

It’s great to see something I created get shared and viewed by so many people in such a short space of time.

If you’re into cycling, it’s definitely worth checking out the most frightening ride in Yorkshire!

The Beast event artwork

The Yorkshire Beast poster design

I began the process of designing the Beast artwork for the largest size it is intended to be used. This allowed me to ensure that everything was a suitable quality and would reproduce clearly. Using smart layers in Photoshop is a great way to ensure that the original image quality is always retained, even when working with lower resolution, small web files.

I created a number of different concepts to hash out ideas. I then ran these past my client, who provided their feedback.

Subtle elements, such as the bike cogs and chain in the background, were added to reinforce what the artwork was for – a cycling sportive.

For the Yorkshire Beast design, I created quite a few variations before arriving at the end result. I always enjoy seeing the progression of concepts through to the final result.

Beastly Typography

Beastly Typography

When considering the type design for the Yorkshire Beast, it needed to be both tough and scary. Some suggestions or examples provided by the client included artwork created for Iron Maiden.

After trying out a wide range of fonts and typefaces, this was the one that most related to the event. Using sharp lines with broken elements portrayed the tough aspect of the ultra sportive. It is both striking and easy to read, which is an excellent combination.

Additional elements were also created in keeping with the typeface.  The boxes were put together by converting particular letters to curves in illustrator and then combining them in a creative way so that it would allow the key features of the sportive to stand out.

Yorkshire Beast Webpage Design

Once the poster artwork had been approved I then began work on all the online artwork and web page design for the event.

This involved customising the artwork so that it works at a lower resolution and at different aspect ratios. It also obviously needed to have a clearly recognisable visual identity.

To allow riders to easily enter the event there is a clever pop-up which appears when a user wants to register for or enter the event. By managing the entries in this way, it ensures that entrants can easily continue reading about the event and that they stay on the Velo29 site rather than being redirected away from the page.

You can view the Beast webpage design here in all it’s glory.

Yorkshire Beast webpage design

social media designs

Social Media Designs

One of the key factors in allowing this event and its artwork to go viral, is that I ensured that there was specific designs created for Social Media sharing. This allows people to share the event with friends on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, along with striking imagery that accompanies the posts to get even more attention.

One of the key features on the Velo29 Events website, is that any page or event can easily be shared on Social Media with just a click of a button.

Beast map design

Map artwork

Specific map artwork was created in keeping with overall feel of the Yorkshire Beast brand identity.

This was based on a pdf of the route, which I edited to use a colour scheme consistent with the other imagery. I designed a gradient map in dark browns sampled from the clown image. Then selected and masked out the actual route to highlight it in red, to make sure that it stands out well.

Some extra texture and atmosphere was added by overlaying the clown image over the map, in a subtle way, so as not to distract too much from the map info.

Beast eshot design

Email newsletter design

To keep the momentum going for this event, I designed an email newsletter (eshot) using MailChimp.

There have recently been some advances in what is possible within MailChimp, so it was great to be able to use these enhanced features. Among others, these included full background images (rather than just using a solid colour) and extra font choices. They have also improved their page editing capabilities, so that you can edit padding on the fly, which is a great time saver.

By preparing images at double the size (for certain elements) and selecting the appropriate options, allows them to display superbly on retina displays as well as standard screens. Your images always look great!

Also cleverly planning how your images will work and exporting them appropriately, allows me to plan the layout so that when elements shift position on different devices, they always look clear and neat. Some examples of this are using a transparent .png file for the title image. Allowing the blurred background to always shows through correctly, without the need for a boring rectangular image. Also sizing the blurred background image precisely, means that it always displays at the correct size no matter the screen width. If the background image is made too thin then it can be stretched and end up taller than anticipated.

I’m really happy with how everything turned out and am sure that the event will be a roaring success!

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  1. It’s the best artwork that I ever saw. I’m wondering how it looks in real life and 3D model!
    Great job!

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