Sportive cycling event artwork

Sportive Designs

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Sportive cycling events artwork

Cycling Event Sportive Designs

I recently created cycling event artwork for various Velo29 events sportives throughout the UK. They were a pleasure to work on, as I go to create a unique identity, for each individual event. There was a lot of photo manipulation and illustration used in these designs. They needed to work equally well in a range of different sizes and for both online and print. Due to this, I had to plan the elements and layouts carefully, to ensure that all the elements would look great, no matter how or where they were used.

York Leeds York cycling event designs

York Leeds York cycling event artwork

The Design Process

To begin the process, I focussed on key elements of each event to ascertain what imagery would be applicable. I then gathered a lot of reference images, which could potentially be used to build the artwork. Each event design required a vast amount of Photoshop work to be done to incorporate the different elements. This included bringing in all the different elements and combining them into a single image to highlight each sportive.
Some of the key techniques used were; to mask out certain areas of each image, colour correcting them so that they all fitted the same lighting scheme and often designing new elements from scratch to compliment the designs. Once I had established the imagery to be used I then experimented with different typefaces and other brand elements to accompany the artwork and create an individual brand identity for each of the cycling event artwork.

Buttertubs cycling sportive designs

Buttertubs cycling sportive artwork

Poster Artwork

Once I had gathered a wide range of source material to use in the designs. I then started work on the poster artwork. The poster designs were done first, as these were the largest designs for print use. This ensured that each element was of suitable quality. Allowing the artwork to then be scaled down for smaller online designs.
Due to the designs being created from a number of different images and elements, this enabled me to plan how each element could be resized and re-ordered to fit different aspect ratios, resolution and colour modes. Another factor to build into each poster was a standard Velo29 Event brand identity. This was achieved by using a consistent logo and web address placement for everything.

White Horse cycling event designs

White Horse sportive cycle artwork

Cycling Sportive Web Design

The next step in the design phase, was to create artwork to be used as part of the website pages. This would be used as basis for links on the main Velo29 Sportive page and as header imagery to be used at the top of each event’s web page. This artwork differed from the poster designs, due to the fact that they were a completely different size and resolution.
I decided that each sportive would have a specific colour scheme, to really make them stand out. The colours were chosen based on the artwork colour schemes. I also wanted to ensure that each image blended well with the background colour, so different style borders were created to gently transition into the solid background colours.
I also created custom css for each webpage, so that the text and other elements (e.g. buttons, dividers and interactive elements), also tied in with the individual themes and artwork.

Cheshire Cat Sportive cycling event artwork

Cheshire Cat cycling sportive artwork

Social Media Designs

When all the web pages & posters had been created, I then had to design artwork that would work well on social media. Facebook has its own specific criteria that needs to be adhered to and it’s important to design imagery that will look great when shared.  If this is not planned carefully Facebook will crop the images and possibly miss out vital information.
Velo29 Events has a loyal following of riders who are very likely to share the events with their friends online. Having well designed and striking imagery showing on any shared links, really helps sell the events and create a recognisable visual identity for them too.

Daffodils Sportive cycling event designs

Daffodils cycling sportive design

Banner & Advert Designs

I also created artwork for adverts and banners. Some of the ad designs were for highlighting the events on other sites so were reformatted to fit the particular specification. Banners could also be created to put up, leading to the event and on the day, to help show riders where to go. These would also help reinforce the brand identities of each Sportive.

Tour of the Peak Sportive designs

Tour of the Peak sportive designs

Email Newsletter Design

The last step in the design process was to design an email newsletter to send out to previous riders. This was created using MailChimp, which is an excellent platform for building reliable email lists and sending out email campaigns.
A lot of the artwork I created previously was used to highlight the events along with other useful information, like entry links and route stats were also included in the eshot.

Ripon Tour Sportive designs

Ripon Tour Sportive artwork

The images shown on this page highlight a few of the events. They show the artwork designed for posters, website pages and social media. You can see more by visiting the Velo29 Events website.
If you’d like to know more about the events, then click on the images and they will take you to the web pages I designed for them.  You can then see further details and enter the sportives.

You can also take a look at other designs I created for Velo29 Events in my portfolio here.

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