Solicitors logo design concepts

Solicitors logo design

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Gottfried Solicitors logo design

Gottfried & Co. Solicitors Logo Design

These Solicitors logo design concepts were developed as the company was considering a rebrand, to modernise their company profile. They were all typographic logotype creations, intended to portray a clean and professional appearance for the solicitors. The brief of the logo design for law firm was fairly loose, but the client wanted to use the colour blue in conjunction with clean but enticing lettering.

Shortening the Company Name

When I was initially contacted the name of the practice was Christian Gottfried & Co. but they were toying with the idea of omitting ‘Christian’ from the name and simply using Gottfried & Co. instead. I agreed that this would make for a more concise name (and therefore also be easy to remember). Also, shortening the name would give more scope for bolder design and make the domain name, website and email addresses more manageable as well.

As a rule of thumb I always advise customers to choose a short and neat company name. I feel that having a convoluted name, makes it more difficult to remember and recommend.

Solicitors logo design concepts

Solicitors Logo Design Concepts

I created a range of logo design for law firm concepts (some of which can be seen above), using different font types and styles, so that they would have a broad range of choices from which to tweak or spark new ideas.

Logo typography

Rather than simply typing the name out, I incorporated some extra typography, by fine-tuning the lettering to increase visual interest and create a more captivating logo. You can see the fine-tuning in the main example, where the ‘&’ symbol is subtly wrapped around the letter G.

Adding these extra small elements, show attention to detail and provide a more professional finish to the designs.

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