Rebrand design case study sketches

Rebrand Design Case Study

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Rebrand Design Case Study Sketches

The Rebranding of Eyetooth-Art to Eyetooth.Design

During this rebrand design case study on turning Eyetooth-Art into Eyetooth.Design, I’ll be highlighting the ups and downs of the process. You’ll be able to get valuable insight into the design and thought processes behind it all.  Some of it may be slightly unconventional, but hopefully beneficial.

With the advent of new domain name prefixes, I realised I could get a domain ending in .design. How cool is that! So after some consideration (and the fact that I was given a free domain, by a company called porkbun), I decided that I would start the process of refreshing the image and brand design / identity of Eyetooth-Art. I have been operating as a freelance designer under the name Eyetooth-Art, for over 10 years now, so it seems like a good time to shake things up a bit.

For this rebrand design case study, I’ll be running an alternate site at to jot down my thoughts and keep a catalogue of the progress I make during the rebranding.  The main aspects and key areas of the rebranding exercise, will be catalogued in my blog on in detail, but you’ll see more of the raw side of things and background processes on the site.

I am going to take my time on this project, as there are no deadlines for once, and work for clients always takes precedence over my own. Not rushing things will also allow me to experiment freely with new ideas and concepts.

Rebrand Design Resources

  • Top-level domain name registration can be done at
  • You can track the process of the rebrand and watch the new site evolve here:

Read Part 2: Brand Typography Design Guide here, where I explain how to use typography design in your branding.

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