BMCG website design


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BMCG website design I created the BMCG website design and illustrations for a London-based company that provides consultancy services for developers and managing agents. The site needs to show their range of services in a neat and concise way. Planning …

Droplet girl photoshop illustration

Droplet Girl

In Illustration by Steve Cartwright

I created this droplet girl illustration to experiment using blending methods, colouring, tiling and masking of layers. The images used were found on free image stock libraries and then combined and edited in Photoshop. The image started off with the …

Structured Chaos Creative illustration in Brighton

Structured Chaos

In Illustration by Steve Cartwright

Creative illustration This ‘Structured Chaos’ creative illustration was started using a clutch pencil which I used to draw the interlocking shapes onto an A3 drawing pad. It started out as an experimental piece that had more and more separate random …

Mixed media illustration called Beauty


In Illustration by Steve Cartwright

Mixed Media illustration This mixed media illustration (beauty) was created as a personal project to practice drawing the human face from a reference image and then adding colour to it digitally. I began the drawing on an A3 pad using …

igloEye digital illustration


In Illustration by Steve Cartwright

IgloEye digital illustration I created ‘IgloEye’ as a quick Photoshop sketch to try to produce something stylised and unique in a short amount of time. This digital illustration incorporated both image manipulation and digital painting to arrive at the final …

Eyes beneath Unspoken Words personal illustration

Eyes Beneath

In Illustration by Steve Cartwright

This mixed media illustration started out as a study of the human face viewed at different angles or perspectives. If you look closely you can see a couple of faces in the top right of the background. I guess that’s …