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Music + Design = Music Design. Help it look great as well as sound awesome!

I am really passionate about music and believe that I can help promote your music, by creating visually, what has been achieved through your sounds and music.

I offer reasonable rates and will produce stunning designs to compliment your particular style. I am interested in all genres of music, so am happy to provide any music sector with the best possible marketing, to help spread the word about the wonderful sounds being created.

Whether you are an artist starting up, an established group or a record label, I can help. Please feel free to get in touch with me for a free, no obligation quote or just to go through your ideas. I am always happy to help.

I can help with anything from cd covers, digital album artwork, gig posters, websites, online advertising, merchandise designs for t-shirts, badges or other giveaways and any other promotional artwork. See my design services for the music industry below.

CD covers / album artwork

cd cover design
Your album artwork is integral to getting your music noticed, even before people have heard it. It also helps portray your musical creations in the best light and allows listeners to have a visual reference for what they are hearing. I often find myself referring to an album by its cover artwork.

In our digital age, having a album cover design that works equally to promote hard copies of your cds as well as online is extremely important. Being able to catch people’s attention, in iTunes, Soundcloud or Spotify, will help a lot. While having a poorly designed cover will really hinder your progress, as people may never bother listening to it, rather than being encouraged to do so by captivating artwork.

I can help with both online and print based artwork so am ideally suited to provide the complete music design solution.

Gig banners, posters & flyers

Music design for gig advertising
If you are going to be performing gigs then it’s imperative to let fans know about them. This will allow them to buy tickets and enjoy the experience of seeing you play live.

Having beautifully designed posters or flyers to promote your gigs, or new releases, will inform and entice fans to come to your musical events or to buy your new albums.

Having a poster designed for your band or group is a great way to promote yourselves too. Fans will stick the posters up for their friends to see, who will inevitably end up listening to your music too. Bedroom posters for bands always go down a treat, but unless they look awesome, no one will display them.

If you have a striking banner behind you at the venue you are playing, it will reinforce who you are and provide a visual reference to your music, to cement your name into the audience’s minds.

Be remembered for your great tunes!

Merchandise Design

music design for merchandise
Having band or artist merchandise is a great way to spread the word about your music. I go to a lot of gigs around Brighton and London and will often buy a t-shirt after a great concert. This allows me to show support to the artists I love, while also helping to spread the word about a particular band or group I’ve seen.

If someone buys one of your shirts they are definitely gonna give you a good review, so it’s one of the best forms of advertising you can do. It’s also a way to make some extra money. The designs have to be captivating though otherwise no one will buy or wear the shirts.

You could also consider getting some badges, lighters, stickers or any other useful items that your fans can keep and use, to remind themselves and others of you.

It’s advertising that could last a lifetime!

Website design

music web design
Having a strong online presence really helps your band get noticed. I can provide you with a bespoke web design to allow your fans to find out more and share your music with their friends. You will be able to showcase your best tunes online, via your website, to encourage people into seeing your awesome live shows or buy your albums.

Another advantage of having an online presence is being able to keep your fans informed about your gigs or concerts so that they never miss a show.

If you’d like to manage your own online content I can create a stunning and versatile WordPress website for you. Or if you just want a truly unique online presence then I can also create impressive responsive websites using HTML and CSS.

Online advertising

music online designs
I can also help with any other online advertising for social network pages, banners and web ads. Creating designs or images for your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages, in an enticing way, will attract fans and allow them to share your news and music with all their friends and online networks.

Alongside the social profiles, I can provide any other online advertising you may need, whether online banners, animated ads or digital cover artwork.

Logo design & branding for the music industry

music logo design
Having a brand and logo design created will help increase your exposure and create a distinct identity that fans will recognise and love. Promoting yourselves as musicians is very similar to promoting any other business. Although a lot more fun and style can be put into it, making it less rigid and more engaging to your audience.

Go on, get noticed!

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