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Massage Therapist Logo Design

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Muscle Tussle massage therapist logo design

This massage therapist logo design was created for a classically trained massage therapist and sport injury specialist, whose business is called ‘muscle tussle’.

Hand Emblem

The hand imagery was chosen to portray massage therapy and the healing power of hands. I created this by importing a scan of the therapist’s hand into illustrator and retracing it as vectors. We felt that this would add a nice personal touch to the logo and illustrate his caring, hands on approach.

I had to tweak some elements to ensure that the logo and emblem read well, even at a small size. Also ensuring that all the curves and lines are very clear and precise, so that it also looks great, when used for banners, signage and other larger outputs.

New Ideas & Happy Accidents

I really enjoy embracing new ideas or elements that crop up during the design process. These don’t always work out, but it’s always worth exploring them, to see whether they can be incorporated, to improve a design and allow for a stronger appeal with the customer base.

One happy accident that came out of the muscle tussle therapist design process, was the small heart in the palm of the hand. After catching a glimpse of it, while redrawing the hand and planning the best layout, I accentuated it slightly. I decided to keep it subtle and not overplay it, so that it was a secondary element, and did not detract from the natural hand print.

Incorporating hidden or subtle elements into a design is great fun. It also adds visual interest after an initial or cursory glance. This helps keep the viewer’s attention for longer and therefore hopefully helps them to remember to the business name and other related details.

heart in hand emblem design
heart in hand emblem design

Alternate logo versions & layouts

Each project I work on is unique to the client and business sector. A logo often needs to work as either an emblem or text only. Due to this, I also provided text only and emblem only versions, that could be used for different spaces and purposes.

For example, the hand emblem could work really well as a social media icon, while the text only version could be more applicable for small spaces where it’s important to get the business name across quickly. A longer one line logo is ideal for a lot of website headers, while a more rectangular one, allows the logo to maximise space of both elements.

It is also very useful to show the full logo in different aspect ratios, so that you can choose a version that best fits the available space for it.

You can see various layouts and elements of the massage therapist logo design in the accompanying image.

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Michał (Muscle Tussle) is a Brighton, UK based therapist. He is a very caring person who is excellent at what he does. If you need any massage therapy or sports injury massage, then get in touch or find out more here.

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