Mailchimp - using list segments

Mailchimp – using list segments

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Sending an existing campaign to a new subscriber or segment of a list

This tutorial will show you how to use MailChimp list segments, which are useful for sending an existing campaign to new subscribers.
++ Before starting ensure that your lists are up to date with all the correct info.++
Once you are sure that your lists are all in order and correct follow the instructions below.

  1. Login to your MailChimp account if you aren’t already.
  2. Click on ‘Campaigns’. Once you are on the campaigns page, you will see a list of all the previous eshots or campaigns you have sent out. mailchimp-1
  3. Choose a previous campaign you would like to send out again to new signups. If you click on the dropdown beside ‘View Report’ and then choose ‘Replicate’ from the dropdown. This will create a new campaign which you can send out to a completely new list or allow you to send it to a new segment of an existing one.mailchimp-2
  4. After replicating your campaign you should be taken automatically to the next step but if not select the new campaign at the top of the list with the pencil beside it.
  5. Choose the list you would like to send the campaign to. This can either be an entirely new list you created or a segment of a list, i.e. new signups who did not receive the eshot you sent.
  6. If you would like to send this out to new additions to one of your lists, then you can do so by selecting “Send to a group or new segment”. There are two options that I find are most useful, but there are a plethora of options you can try out. The two options I use most are; to either enter emails of the new signups (these need to have already been subscribed or added to your list) directly by choosing ’email address’ from the dropdown. Or to select ‘date added’ which will allow you to choose to send to only the recent additions to your list since the last campaign you sent.mailchimp-3
  7. Once you have chosen all the criteria to send out to the people you want then you can click next and follow the usual methods for sending out your campaign.
    – Something to bear in mind when using the option to send out eshots / campaigns using the date added feature, is that if you schedule multiple campaigns to go out with the recent additions to your lists, only the first scheduled campaign will go to these people and anything scheduled to send after that will have them removed. So if you want to send multiple campaigns to the same list of new subscribers it is best to use the email address option and enter them all manually for any additional scheduled campaigns.
    – You don’t need to continue following these instructions if you know how to continue normally but I will provide a brief overview to finish the campaign below as it may help some people.
  8. After clicking ‘next’ in the bottom right of the browser window or choosing ‘setup’ you can then name your new campaign and change any necessary info for the amended one. Once you’re happy click ‘next’ again.mailchimp-4
  9. You should be able to skip through the template section, as this is a campaign that has already been sent out and designed. On the design stage, you can click on any element to change the text, images or properties. Often it is necessary to make small updates to a previous campaign to make it relevant to the new people or time. This should be done at the design stage.
  10. If you have made any changes – it is always a good idea to send out a test email to allow you to check how everything looks. I also send the test eshot to my clients so they can check and approve the work I have done for them.
    – To do this you need to select ‘Preview & Test’ from the menu along the top of the page, then select ‘Send a test email’. Then simply enter any emails you want to send the test to separated by a comma and click ‘send test’. Once this is done you and/or your clients can preview the eshot exactly how it will be sent out. (The screenshot below shows both steps side by side).mailchimp-5
  11. When you have double checked and tested the email then click next. Once you enter the ‘Confirm’ stage double-check all the info and then you can either Schedule or Send the campaign immediately. Scheduling a campaign allows you to choose a date and time for it to be sent. This is particularly useful if you are building a campaign for a launch or specific date as it allows you to prepare everything and have it sent exactly when you need it to.mailchimp-6
  12. Hey presto, you’re done! Happy emailing…


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