MailChimp organising lists and subscribers

Mailchimp – Organising lists and subscribers

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How to organise Mailchimp lists and subscribers

Moving subscribers

In this Mailchimp tutorial I will show you how to organise your subscribers and lists. You will learn how to move subscribers between lists to keep all your campaigns organised, ensuring that your subscribers always get updates that are relevant to them, while keeping all their preferences intact.

For this to be useful, ideally you will have a few lists for different purposes already setup.  So, let’s begin…

  1. Obviously start by logging into your Mailchimp account. Then select ‘Lists’ from the menu along the top of the page.  This is where the magic happens and you can start work organising your subscribers and lists.
    – There are a few instances of why you would want to move subscribers between lists.  If you want customers to have the option to sign up for membership to recieve bespoke emails or offers or simply being able to move subscribers between lists for different work sectors or categories.mailchimp lists page screenshot
  2. To move / copy subscribers from one list to another; select the tick boxes next to the applicable subscribers / email addresses.mailchimp-organise-lists-2
  3. Once you have made your selection you will notice that there are now 2 extra options for you to work with; ‘Actions’ & ‘Delete’.
  4. If you choose ‘Actions’ it will show you a list of options available.  You can either move or copy to another list.  Obviously move will remove the subscriber from the current list and place them in the new list you choose, while copy will replicate their details in another list.mailchimp-organise-lists-3

Note: If you have recently sent out a campaign to the subscribers you want to copy or move to another list you will not be allowed to do so.  This is because mailchimp needs to allow them to unsubscribe or update their preferences based on the email newsletter you just sent to them.  After about a week you will be allowed to move them and organise your lists.

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  1. Great article but be sure to always export your list before moving anything around. This will keep you safe in case you delete anything. I learned that the hard way..

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