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Inspiring Illustrations & Artwork

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Here are some inspiring illustrations by artists who produce brilliant artwork that every illustrator or designer should aspire to. Take a look to get some ideas of what’s possible using both digital or traditional illustration.

Inspiring Illustrations:

Fat Freddies Drop album cover illustration
Gina’s stunning illustrations created for Fat Freddie’s Drop album cover use both traditional and digital techniques to create this captivating illustration and custom brushed type.
Gina Kiel
Wellington, New Zealand
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humorous illustrations
I like the illustrations that Methieu creates that are full of humour and hidden details. They give you a sense of joviality and add a little brightness to your day. Oh, and they’re very well done too.
Mathieu Leyssenne
Bordeaux, France
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dark illustration inspiration
Bastien’s work has a dark undertow to it and really draws the eye of the viewer in with the interesting compositions and slightly obscured elements. His style is brilliant at capturing my attention and making me want to delve deeper into each piece.
Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
Portsmouth, OH, USA
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Traditional illustration
I adore his illustrations, while predominantly using traditional methods, he captures a wonderful sense of light using very stylised imagery to make these his own.  Alexis Marcou graduated from Plymouth University in 2007, since then he has been doing freelance work for a wide range of clients such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Atomic Skis, Air Jordan and Nike.
Alexis Marcou
London, United Kingdom
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abstract pencil illustrations
I like the way Luis captures form without always adhering to realistic structure or anatomical correctness. It really captivates me and makes me want to find all the extra hidden elements. His pencil renderings are stunning.
Luis Nessi
Valencia, Venezuela
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Inspiring character illustrations
Therese has a knack for creating realistic renderings of cute characters / animals. The way she renders fur and light is brilliant. She has a large body of work that is all superb so check it out.
Therese Larsson
Stockholm, Sweden
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inspirational illustrator
Brenoch seems to combine rough paint strokes with heavily detailed and realistic areas. I like the atmosphere in a lot of his illustrations too.
Brenoch Adams
San Francisco, CA, USA
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black and white illustrations
A. Wilkenfeld’s illustrations capture a huge amount of expression, movement and character. Her combination of humour and unique poses are truly captivating.
A. Wilkenfeld
New Orleans, LA, USA
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Pelbo album cover design
Skurktur’s work on the Pelbo album cover is amazing, the thought put into creating the panels so that the illustration works no matter how the cover is opened or folded is genius. The illustration style is very similar to the Baroness album covers. Love the style of both.
Trondheim, Norway
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character illustrations of celebrities
Stavros has a unique illustration method that he uses in his caricatures. He uses sections shaded with directional lines to show light and shade to great effect while capturing their features superbly.
Stavros Damos
Thessaloníki, Greece
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mixed media illustrations
Giovanni seems to be equally adept at pencil drawn sketches, semi realistic paintings in numerous styles and unique lighting and compositional choices. I like to see a varied body of work by artists who don’t just replicate their work so he covers all the bases of a good illustrator for me.
Giovanni Maisto
Illustrator – Concept Artist
Milan, Italy
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traditional illustration inspiration
Jennifer’s traditional illustrations are rendered beautifully with unusual or interesting compositions.  I particularly like the way they blend into the paper and her use of highlights on coloured paper to bring the images to life and add a sense of vibrancy over the muted pastel colour ranges.
Jennifer Healy
Shreveport, LA, USA
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coloured illustrations
Anna’s illustrations are great because of the way they show off her ability to capture emotional characters with some unique elements added to them to make them captivating. Her use of colour is awesome as well because of the muted tones or warm cold contrasts.
Anna Dittmann
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Photo manipulation inspiration
Soufiane’s photo manipulation illustrations all have ornate headdresses which are done brilliantly and add a great sense of story behind the characters. The intricate details and magical atmosphere make you want to look further into the images.
Soufiane Idrassi
Meknes, Morocco
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digital photo manipulation
Mariusz combines his talent for photography with his skill in photo manipulation to create these captivating illustrations full of themes and storytelling. His skill is at turning the realistic into fantastical scenes.
Mariusz Warsinski
Chojnice, Poland
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abstract paintings
Simon’s abstract paintings have so much atmosphere and explosiveness in them. I love the way he can convey an abstract image with so much emotion behind the work. The melding of different colour ranges also adds to the appeal.
Simon Kenny
Professional Artist
Eskay Fine Art
Folkestone, United Kingdom
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female character illustration
Grafit’s illustration vary from realistic renderings of fantasy characters to concept art and cartoon style concept art which are equally well done. I personally prefer the more realistic side .
Voronezh, Russian Federation
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unusual character illustrations
Peter’s illustrations are really intriguing in that they depict characters with unusual elements to them rather than the standard glossy or sexy imagery that you find in a lot of other work. Take note of the way he draws hands in such expressive ways.
Peter Mohrbacher
Freelance Illustrator
Chicago, IL, USA
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musician / band illustrations
I enjoy the dirty immediacy to Frank’s work, it almost appears that he gets it right first time, and just has a knack for capturing the feeling and fun behind his illustrations. I look forward to seeing what he does next.
Frank Hoppmann
Muenster, Germany
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