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Inspirational Graphic Design Ideas

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Here are some graphic designers and artists that inspire me to improve my work and try something new. I hope these give you some inspirational graphic design ideas to create something great or give you some idea of the possibilities in design.

Inspirational Graphic Designers:

 I love the way Anthony’s work incorporates a lot of intricate detail in an otherwise very clean design that pulls the viewer into the central elements.  His use of somewhat limited colour schemes is also interesting.
 Anthony Wittmann
Graphic Designer & Photographer
Paris, France
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good books artwork by Elizabeth Steinberg
If you’ve ever seen or read ‘Fear and Loathing’ by Hunter S. Thompson, you’ll love this animation for good books. It captures the feeling for the book in an exciting and captivating way. Elizabeth was AE animator and compositor on the project with Joe Mullen as the art director.
Elizabeth Steinberg
Art Director
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Yasser’s use of detail and the combination of all the separate images to create this advert gets the message across visually without having to spell out what the product is. It also looks quite appetising.
Yasser Khairat
Senior Art Director
Cairo, Egypt
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Lex’s typography is great because it has a natural feel to it. The lettering fits well with the phrase and a lot of creativity is put into his concepts and custom lettering.
Lex Wilson
London, United Kingdom
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 STRZYG incorporates a lot of detailed 3D visuals into his artwork. His designs have a dark undercurrent to them but are also functional in displaying the necessary information without losing the strong visual identity
graphic | motion designer 3D
Poznan, Poland
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Serge’s work it more focused on motion graphics but the stills have so much care and attention put into them that they work equally well.  I love the detailing of the small elements and care and attention put into all his work.
Serge Aleynikov
G Artist / Motion Designer
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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A lot of Greg’s work is hand drawn and very creative.  His creations are mostly black and white and use high contrast elements and fine detail to get the viewers attention.
Greg Coulton
London, United Kingdom
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While Daniel’s work seems to be more physical sculpture, I think a lot of visual designers could be inspired by the fluidity of motion that he captures in his work and the fact that these have been sculpted and not digitally rendered makes them even more impressive.
Daniel Widrig Studio
London, United Kingdom
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Irene’s combination of stylised realistic illustrations and incorporated / intertwined typography makes for a very interesting composition.  Her page layouts also show some great composition with the shadows of her illustrations falling over the text tying both elements in wonderfully.  Credit also goes to David Davidopoulos – Rilke who was creative director on the project.
Irene Laschi
Florence, Italy
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graphic Design Inpiration from Krzysztof Domaradzki
I like the variety of work produced by StudioKxx.  The combination of hand drawn elements, digital illustration, 3D and interesting typography and layouts make their work really interesting.
StudioKxx Krzysztof Domaradzki
Art Director
Poznan, Poland
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graphic designa nd typographic posters by Giga Kobidze
Giga’s typographic posters are eye catching becasue of the way the illustrative elements combine witht he lettering to create a great sense of depth.
Giga Kobidze
Digital Artist | Illustrator | Graphic Designer
Tbilisi, Georgia
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Photographic graphic design by Tim Tadder
Tim is a photographer but his work just goes to show how a little creativity, skill and the help of some image editing can produce stunning results. If you visit his behance page and look at the phone adverts you will be able to see the process used to end up with these images.
Tim Tadder
Los Angeles, CA, USA
See more here
geometric graphic design by metric72
I like the geometric elements of Metric72’s design work shown above.  The clean lines and directional layout elements work well with the layout of the text.
Art Director
Barcelona, Spain
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graphic poster and layout by Platige Image
The designs shown here were created by Platige Image.  I like the style of these designs which were used in conjunction with motion graphics created from the same elements shown here.
Platige Image
Warsaw, Poland
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Fabian’s experiments with paint and photography have produced some stunning results.  I love the flow of movement and colour and also the random explosion of colour and depth in these rather than the organised rhythm of digitised artwork alone.
Fabian Oefner
Zurich, Switzerland
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inspirational poster design
Dani shows a talent for illustration and layout in his artwork.  I really like the way he uses a different style for each design he does and keeps his work varied and exciting.  I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.
Dani Blázquez
Freelance Illustrator
Salamanca, Spain
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Graphic design vector inspiration
I like the way Joshua uses detailed vectors in his designs.  He seems equally comfortable using bright, vibrant colour schemes as well as monochrome or duo-tone designs.
Joshua M. Smith
Orlando, FL, USA
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photo-manipulation inspiration
Nemesis Pictures produce some really stunning photo-manipulations in their designs as shown above.  I also enjoy the humour they inject into their work. Stunning!
Nemesis Pictures
Producer, Photography
Singapore, Singapore
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Graphic inspiration
Walter’s work uses clean detailed illustrations and typography to produce designs with minimal colours used in them while portraying all the information in a fun and enticing way.
Walter Hansen
Walter Hansen / Fay & Walter
Wellington, New Zealand
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Typographic design inspiration
Martin’s typographic work is absolutely stunning.  His hand drawn lettering and layouts are stunning in themselves but once he has converted them into vectors they really come to life.
Martin Schmetzer
Stockholm, Sweden
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Hand made art and design
Lorenzo is more of an artist than a designer, but I love his work all the same.  His hand made art should inspire all designers to push the boundaries of their craft.
Lorenzo Vitturi
Handmade Visions
London, United Kingdom
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poster design inspiration
Jakub’s poster work shown above is great because of the combination of separate elements and the use of a key colour to draw attention to important details in otherwise muted colour schemes, plus they look great too.
Jakub Polek
Myslowice, Poland
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inspirational advert design
Peppermill’s work on this campaign is breathtaking.  The combination of striking photo-manipulation, well though out concepts and minimal information to drive the message home produces brilliant results. 
Berlin, Germany
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