WordPress Web Design

There are a lot of advantages to creating websites in WordPress. The main reason for choosing the WordPress platform is that you will be able to add and amend content on the site yourself. This will give you a certain amount of control over what changes occur and when they happen to the site.

WordPress is a platform that has loads of additional functions that can be added with the use of plugins. Sometimes these are a little tricky to set up, if you’re not too tech savvy, but I’m always here to help with the difficult bits.

A very important feature of WordPress is that it’s geared towards Search Engine Optimisation. With the addition of a few clever plugins and the help of an SEO expert, your site will get the coverage it needs.

I usually start off the design with a template chosen by you, which I can then customise, to tie in with your company’s brand identity. This method of working is the cleanest and most hassle free way to produce a WordPress site because most current themes already have everything you’re likely to need built into them.

When looking for a WordPress template you should consider using Theme Forest. There are some amazing developers who create themes that can be heavily customised to suit your personal needs and really make the website your own. Just because you use a template as a basis for your site doesn’t mean it should look generic. I will always endeavor to personalise your site with the use of bespoke css coding to create a strong unique visual identity.

WordPress Web Design Services in Brighton provided by Eyetooth-Art.

Give me a shout when you need a beautifully designed site that you can edit yourself.

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