Online Adverts

Online adverts and banners are a great way to drive traffic to your website by catching people’s attention while they are surfing the web. Using the correct layout and design will make them stand out against other ads and increase the number of people who will click on them. The beauty of online adverts or banners is that they can link through to a relevant web page with more information and a call to action.

They can often have a minimal amount of animation (so long as the file size is kept low). Being able to animate an online ad really draws the eye towards movement on an otherwise static page which catches attention and promotes your message.

Another advantage of animating online ads is that they allow you to fit more information in, by spreading it over different scenes, which will alternate in the same area.

The fact that you can usually amend or update an online advert easily (compared to a printed one), means that you can make small changes as your advertising campaign moves forward, and keep it fresh and inviting.

You should carefully choose the placement of your online banners to ensure the best possible coverage. Think of where your target audience is likely to see it. The variations in size and shape should also be considered, to allow space for all the necessary details.

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