HTML Web Design

HTML web design is used in conjunction with CSS styles to produce a site with clean code that is visually appealing, search engine friendly, and able to tie in with your company brand to give your marketing a strong visual identity.

With the use of HTML5 and incorporating modern CSS functions, like transitions, I can add dynamism to the site with simple animated elements to catch users attention and create a more enjoyable and immersive surfing experience.

JavaScript codes can also be used for extra functionality, like gallery pop ups, slide shows and other useful elements on the site to give it that little bit extra, making it stand out to get your business noticed.

HTML is the platform that I build most of my websites on. From a basic HTML site you can then advance further into other specialised areas of web design.

Responsive website design is ideal for sites that will be viewed on a number of different devices because it reconfigures the site for optimal performance on smart phones and tablets.

Parallax sites have elements with different scroll rates so that each section moves at a different speed while you scroll around the site. This is a very good way to add movement and a sense of depth.

Some of the more advanced HTML and CSS features used today are not compatible with older web browsers so this should be considered if a large part of your client base or users will be working on older systems.

I predominantly use Dreamweaver to create my sites as it enables me to use its versatile visual interface to make compiling elements more intuitive and appealing. Dreamweaver’s testing capabilities also mean that I can fine tune the code and get it just right before uploading.

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