Email Design

Email newsletters/eshots are an integral way of keeping people engaged in your brand. Highlight current sales/offers, products, events, milestones or just keep in touch with beautifully designed emails.


I highly recommend using MailChimp to manage your campaigns. MailChimp are a great company who provide reliable emailing capabilities. They are constantly improving their system. Providing excellent features, such as list management (unsubscribes, sign up forms etc.) and a superb interface and coding system that ensures your emails appear as they should.

As part of MailChimp’s list features, it also has sign-up forms which can be integrated into your site design. This will encourage users who want to be kept up to date, to enter their details. One of the best things about MailChimp, is that the basic account is FREE!

Get stunning MailChimp templates created by a helpful email designer in Brighton.

Each email software has different ways of displaying your email, so it’s imperative that you use a reliable system, to ensure that your email marketing is viewed how it was intended.

The first impression a customer gets could make or break your marketing campaign. Make sure you get it right!

If you would like me to design captivating email marketing for you, or need a hand creating stylish templates, I’m here to help.

Having an email template setup for regular campaigns is a great way to have a style developed, that you can easily fit new content within.

While creating bespoke individual campaigns, will allow us to design email marketing, tailored to your specific content each and every time. Bespoke designs are an awesome way to keep people engaged, as we can make each one look unique and exciting. This will encourage more views, opens and higher click-through rates too.

There is a lot to consider when creating an email campaign, but don’t stress, I’m here to take the hassle out of it for you.

Responsive email design

Make sure you plan for delivering the email newsletter to both mobile devices and larger screens. So many people check their email on their phones these days. Allow them to see and read your content easily, by restructuring and resizing it for different screen sizes.

Image formatting and sizes need to be considered carefully to ensure that emails load quickly, while the content appears crisp and clear.

Need a MailChimp eshot put together?

Get in touch with your very own email designer in Brighton.

I’ve written a few helpful articles to get your started using MailChimp. You can view the MailChimp tips and tricks here.

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