Bespoke Web Design

Having a bespoke web design ensures that you have a website that is tailored to your needs and suits your business perfectly. I always endeavour to create something unique that will inspire users to engage with the site and strengthen your brand identity.

You can get the most design freedom from HTML web design, as there is more control of the coding. Where as WordPress sites need to follow certain criteria, as they are based on an existing frame-work.

Custom made HTML site designs

All sites need to use certain elements, in order to be user-friendly, and follow-up to date web standards. This ensures that the site is accessible and allows users to find what they need as easily as possible. This doesn’t mean that they have to be boring though!

HTML site design allows for more creativity and design freedom. Elements can be placed exactly where they need to be, with the use of CSS to edit layouts for different screens sizes.

Unique WordPress site designs

The key advantage of using WordPress to develop your online presence, is it’s CMS (Content Management System), which allows the end-user to add or edit content themselves. Due to the fact that all the site elements need to work within the WordPress framework, these sites can be a little more restrictive.

There are loads of plugins which can be integrated into WP sites, to allow for a world of possibilities and features.

Even though WP sites are usually based on templates, I always endeavour to make them unique, with custom coding and CSS. This means that they have more character and suit your personal style better.

Responsive web design

Which ever platform you decide to use, responsive design is drastically important to keep the site accessible on all devices. Allowing your site visitors to have a tailored experience on any device, will make a huge impact on their experience. Having a bespoke site created using frameworks like bootstrap or FlexBox, can really improve the layout and increase user engagement.

Tailor made websites keep your customers happy.

If you have satisfied web users, you’ll have happy customers, who will be more likely to use your services or order your products.

While there are a number of other integral factors involved in the design of your website, there is no need for you to worry about them. All you need to do, is to consider what content is necessary. I’ll handle everything else for you.

Hire me for a brilliant, bespoke web design, in Brighton.

Click here to see some examples of my bespoke designs.

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