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Get great website design, Brighton, what are you waiting for? A website is an integral part of marketing your business. It allows you to reach your target audience with information that is easily accessible. Web Design is also environmentally friendly because it is easy to amend or update without the need for costly reprints using ink and paper.

Website design Brighton: I am happy to discuss what will work best for you, all you need to do is plan what you’d like done and I’ll help you sort out the rest. Some points to consider when planning your website are:

  • Do you have a logo or branding guidelines?
  • What pages / links will the site need?
  • Have you got text or images ready?
  • Do you need any specific requirements for the site?
  • Would you like a responsive site built? (Compatible with mobile / tablet.)

Let me know if there is anything else not listed above that you need and I’m sure I’ll be able to help.

Get professional website design, Brighton.

Take a look at my web design services in Brighton.

Bespoke website design Brighton by Eyetooth-Art Bespoke website design will result in the best possible website you can get. It will be tailored to your needs and style, with a bit of flair added to it. Get a user-friendly site, that is both beautiful and functional.

Responsive web design sample Responsive websites are compatible with all internet enabled devices. They intelligently scale and reorder the elements on a page so that they are optimised for the particular device being used.

HTML website design examples HTML websites use clean code to provide easy access to your site. Utilising HTML and CSS style transitions allows you to add movement and dynamism to engage your users and attract them to important elements.

samples of wordpress website designs WordPress websites are ideal for those wanting to manage their own content and make immediate changes. It’s a versatile platform because of the huge array of plugins used to expand functionality.

Online Media Designer

I also offer a range of online media designs that will help complement your other marketing.

Online artwork needs to be approached in a different way to print based designs. The colour mode (web=RGB | print=CMYK) and resolution (web=72dpi | print=300dpi) are the biggest differences, but there are many other things to consider as well.

With online marketing, you need to take into account where the designs will be displayed. Is there scope to animate them to catch people’s attention? Does the artwork need to be provided in alternating sizes or will it be cropped for different devices and screen sizes. When designing for so many devices and platforms, you need to be sure that it will look excellent everywhere!

There are so many variables to consider, so make sure everything is planned and executed professionally for the best results. Making a mistake could seriously damage your brand, so I’m here to provide you with online media designs that will rock your world.

Social media design services in Brighton Get your Social media profile designs up to par with captivating artwork, tailored for each device and social platform. Get noticed & keep those followers happy!

Email newsletter design Brighton Keep your customers/followers in the loop with cleverly designed emails. I use MailChimp to create beautiful email campaigns, that will keep your readers engaged, to drastically improve your click-through rates.

sample web adverts Attract customers to your site using online banners or adverts to draw attention with captivating imagery or animation. The online community is just a click away from your website.

I don’t just do website design, Brighton, so check out my other creative services.

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