Vector Illustration

Vector illustration is perfect for creating artwork that can be scaled to any size without loss of quality because it uses mathematical curves to produce perfectly clean lines.

Vector illustrations are often created in a program like Illustrator which allows you to create paths or strokes that can be filled in a variety of ways to enhance or add depth to an image.

I enjoy using vectors to create stylised product illustrations (for example on menus), as this allows me to portray products in a uniform way, without the need for an extensive photo shoot.

It’s fun to experiment with colour variations. Each element in the illustration can be easily recoloured to get the perfect result, or to create variations from a core element for added variety.

Vector illustrations are often used in logo design because of its superb expansion capabilities and amazingly clean lines. It is also ideal for the production of vinyl signage, car stickers or t-shirt printing.

The benefit of vector artwork over pixel based imagery is that vectors retain a consistently clean and clear design without any quality loss. Pixel based illustrations must always be created at the intended size (or larger). If they are enlarged you can end up with a badly pixelated image and may even have to recreate the artwork! With vectors this will never happen, although you may want to create a more detailed version for larger use.

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Vector Illustration was last modified: November 19th, 2014 by Steve Cartwright