Digital Painting

Digital painting is a style of illustration that uses Photoshop (or a similar application) as a way to paint in colour, tone or effects.
It usually begins with a hand drawn sketch which is imported into Photoshop. Once the sketch has been opened, I can then use the myriad of tools available to colour and enhance the initial sketch.

There are many styles and variations that can be achieved with digital painting due to the vast capabilities of the software. Everything from the use of layers, blending modes, colour correction, masking and the all important undo command really aid the digital workflow.

Having the option to undo previous strokes or commands really allows me to experiment without being restricted as I can always revert to an earlier version. When using traditional techniques it’s a lot more difficult to experiment with different ideas or create alternate versions to decide which works best.

Digital painting is great for adding shadows and highlights to create a sense of depth, or to add mood lighting for added emotional depth.

The ability to replicate traditional brush types in Photoshop allows for natural looking artwork with great texture that is easy to edit.

A graphics tablet and pen open up a world of endless creative possibilities. They allow me to paint with different degrees of pressure for varied stroke width or opacity. This exposes an exciting area of digital art as it allows me to draw or paint naturally, without the stinted movement of a mouse or track pad.

I will bring your ideas to life with digital illustration that has depth and character.

Go for it, you know you want to!!

Digital Painting was last modified: November 19th, 2014 by Steve Cartwright