As an illustrator in Brighton, I can help you to visually represent a particular topic, an aspect of your marketing or to create an eye-catching image that will draw people’s attention and get you noticed.

Illustration produces stylised artwork with a unique visual appeal, incorporating a wide range of design skills and experimentation.

Illustration is useful for commissioned artwork (like cd / dvd covers), where you need something original created, as opposed to using royalty free images or generic photographs.

Bespoke illustration can be tailored to your needs to provide a unique feel to any advertising or for a personalised work of art.
I prefer to have a relatively specific brief when there are tight deadlines, so that I have a good idea of what is needed from the start. This enables me to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Where there is scope for creative freedom, I enjoy experimenting with various styles to produce a truly unique result.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas so I can talk you through the process and possibilities.

Here are some of the illustration methods I use.

Vector illustration samples

Vector imagery, which allows you to scale the artwork up to any size without loss of quality, is perfect for printing vinyl signs or t-shirts and many other reproduction techniques.

photoshop painting samples

Digital painting can produce very stylised artwork and add a distinct element of individuality to your advertising. It usually starts out with a sketch which is then coloured and developed within Photoshop.

iamge manipulation preview

Image manipulation is a great way to produce stunning illustrations. This involves making a completely new image out of preexisting photos, scanned in elements or anything else you can get your hands on.

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