Packaging Design

Packaging design covers a huge range of layouts because of the varied size and dimension of products.

It’s important to market your products appropriately and that is why packaging design is so important. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell, it has to look good in order for people to want it. The design must quickly portray the use of the product. An appealing design created for your product is one of the first steps to selling it.

A key point to consider with package design is knowing your target audience. This is a major consideration because if it’s for kids then it should be very bright and colourful to appeal to them, or if it’s an organic product then the packaging material should be taken into consideration and the design should be tailored towards the ethical market.

Each packaging solution can vary wildly in appearance and function. A box has unseen flaps and folds to connect it all together and bottles often have unique shapes or curves to them, while labels need to allow you to attach them to your products in suitable positions.

I will need to work closely with your print or packaging supplier in order to get a template or exact dimensions of the product. I will also need to know what processes they will be using so I can tailor the design to suit. This will allow me to provide you with the best possible design solution for your packaging.

Packaging design in Brighton, done brilliantly by Eyetooth-Art. Your friendly neighbourhood designer.

Contact me to discuss your particular requirements and I’ll produce some stunning artwork for your product packaging.

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