Merchandise Design

Merchandise is a fantastic method of subtly promoting your business identity.

Professionally designed merchandise promotes your brand ensuring that it is recognised and creates a positive perception of your company.

Merchandise incorporates any product that carries your logo, website or company slogan. It’s especially useful for products that are kept and used frequently. Some examples are: pens, t-shirts, lighters, carry bags and much more. Be creative, almost anything can be used to disseminate your core values.

Stickers are a fun way to share your brand and work particularly well as teaser campaigns for something larger. Get people interested and sharing, it’s all good exposure.

I enjoy live music and often buy a well designed t-shirt after a great gig – this is because I appreciate the talent of the artists and want to support the music they are creating. Whenever I wear one of these shirts with an eye-catching design it promotes the band.

Merchandising works across all sectors of business, captivating design is essential to a successful campaign.

Clothing Artwork

Clothing design is an important aspect of merchandising, it can be an entity in its own right.

Having your company brand or logo on clothing can help advertise your business. People will notice it and remember the name for future reference. It’s also great for selling clothing to promote yourself or even for the sheer enjoyment of having a bespoke piece of clothing with an alluring design.

They get something they like whilst sharing your brand everywhere they take it. It’s design with legs!

Get creative and friendly merchandise design services in Brighton.

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