Menu Design

The design of your menu is vital because it promotes your food and drink products directly to the consumer at the point of sale in a visually appealing way.

Providing your customers with a superbly designed menu will allow them to make informed decisions and save time needed for explanations. Menus allow you to showcase products that have a unique visual appeal. Pictures speak a thousand words.

You can often highlight deals and special offers in menus to increase your sales and encourage customers to purchase more.

A great menu will also reduce delays with orders because your customers will know exactly what they want, having been inspired by the visual appeal of your menu’s products.

Price Lists

I feel that price lists are related to menus in that they both display products or services and their applicable pricing.

Show them the price list and they will be enticed to ask more specific questions about your products and services, which means they’re hooked and ready to make a purchase. The same applies for both menus and price lists.

There are a lot of different methods for producing menus and price lists. These can include booklets, table standing folded menus or single sheets of product lists. These all depend on the amount of products / services you have to offer and how you want the finished article to function.

Let me create a mouth-watering and enticing design that will promote your products and enrich your business.

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