Letterhead Design

Letterheads are an intrinsic part of any companies stationery and their design showcases your important information. This can make the difference between someone contacting you or not. If the information is hard to find often people will go elsewhere.

By using effective design on letterheads you can ensure that they catch the eye and are easily recognised on a messy desk full of papers.

They are also important in reinforcing your company brand by making your logo and business a lot more memorable. The visual identity is vastly important in solidifying your company name and a visual reference of it in their long-term memory. A colour scheme used on a letterhead is enough to evoke a thought or feeling about a business, so think what an awesomely designed letterhead will do for you.

Letterheads usually work hand in hand with your business cards and other office stationery. I would suggest having them all designed at the same time to create a cohesive visual consistency throughout.

Compliment slips are used for a similar purpose but are somewhat less official because you can write a quick note to explain the purpose of contacting someone or to write important details for a potential customer.

A beautifully designed letterhead will set the stage for your brand, get it done professionally and you won’t regret it.

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