Invitation Design

Invitations are used to inform people about a wedding or any other special occasion.

If these are designed in an inviting way (pun intended) then you will be enticing your guests to attend, by providing them with all the information they need in a welcoming layout.

For weddings you want your day to be absolutely perfect, so a lot of care and attention should be put into providing exquisite invitations and all related material. The invite designs should look beautiful with a personal flourish that reflects your character.

The possibilities are virtually endless with what can be done creatively to enhance your invites. You can have foil blocked lettering to add metallic ink which reflects the light and adds class to your invites. Speak to your printer about the possibilities of embossed text and all the different paper types and options they can provide. These different options will influence the design process so please send any extra information or ideas you have along with your brief.

You can also have full colour invites created which can utilise imagery in conjunction with your message helping to illustrate the purpose of your invite. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Often invites incorporate multiple elements, as shown in the example image. These can all be sealed in a folder or envelope with a matching/related design. This means you can send them all out together which will allow the invitee to keep only the necessary details he or she requires.

Another important element of formal invitations is the RSVP card which allows you to plan your event around who will be attending.

An invitation sets the tone for your occasion and is the first impression your guests will have, let me create something unique and captivating for you.

I’ll be your next invitation designer in Brighton, give me a shout to find out more.

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