Flyer Design

If you have a well designed flyer it will really stand out against the competition. I can create flyers in a multitude of styles and am always striving to do something fresh and new.

I am happy to work within your brand to portray the message you want to get across in a visually pleasing way. A lot of the flyers I produce are for events but they can be used to promote virtually anything, the possibilities are endless.

A lot of print companies will only charge a little extra for double-sided printing, so I often recommend having a minimal message on the front with some well thought out imagery that will reinforce your message and entice people to pick it up and read it. That’s when the back of your flyer design comes into play, to get your full message across.

Flyers can be left for people to pick up, handed directly to the potential customer or even put in the post.

To freshen up the designs you could get a dye-cut flyer done. These are flyers that can be cut into shapes for added interest. There are also other ways to highlight your artwork, like spot varnishes and laminates, which really catch the eye by adding a sheen/glossy appearance to parts or all of the flyer.

All printing techniques should be taken into consideration, for a comprehensive design solution, so that you end up with a product that is going to get you noticed and generate more business/sales.

For superb flyer design in Brighton contact Eyetooth-Art!

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