Business Card Design

Business cards are the perfect size to fit in a wallet so when your contact details are needed they can easily be found. The design needs to have a catchy front to help the card stand out and the information on the back should be presented in a clear and legible way.

This doesn’t mean they have to be boring, adding flourishes of design to the cards can really help lead the eye to the important details. This makes the usually mundane procedure of finding a phone number slightly more pleasurable.

There are also a multitude of options to be considered in making your business card stand out. These include the use of a spot varnish or laminate to highlight certain elements by creating a sheen or glossy appearance which catches the light and adds a whole new dimension to the finished product.

I have a set of spot varnish cards for my design business with the logo placed subtly on the card in the same colour as the background but using a spot varnish. This makes the logo reflect the light and creates a sheen on the card where the logo is. If you can get someone to take a second look, they usually look for longer. It’s really great how many people compliment it and ask more about my business.

Another fun way to produce business cards is to go for something slightly irregular like a card with rounded corners or cut into a particular shape.

Some printing companies will produce thin strips of card with a set of different imagery on each. That way if you give a series of cards out at an event they generate interest because the people you hand them to are intrigued by their irregular size and to see the varied designs that have been developed.

You’d be surprised how much difference just having a design quirk or something unique and interesting on a business card makes to whether someone keeps it.

They could almost be thought of as a teaser campaign for something more. Ideas like this can transform a simple business card into a strategy that improves your brand and generates further interest in your business.

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