Brochure Design

Brochures encompass multiple page design, usually in the form of a small booklet, magazine or newsletter. It is important to get these done professionally to keep the visual flow of information running throughout the publication.

With the volume of information contained in a brochure, careful consideration should be taken to break up content into specific areas so as to not bombard the reader with too much text in one big area. This will appear daunting and put off any prospective readers.

With booklets the design always works in multiples of four pages. If you think about the structure of a booklet this will make sense because each page is made of a double-sided, folded sheet which creates four pages. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule like using specific binding options for example ring binding to join multiple single pages together.

Another very important point to consider when planning the design is something called pagination. This is the page order used for laying out the designs when printing. Brochures cannot be designed starting with page 1 followed directly by page 2 because when the booklet is printed and stapled the page order will be incorrect. The pages have to be laid out with the first and last pages side by side and then working your way in towards the centre.

It may all sound a little daunting but don’t worry I am here to do all the hard work for you so just send me the content and a brief of what you need and I’ll handle the rest, and make it look great too.

Get in touch if you’d like me to help with your brochure design services in Brighton.

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