Logo Design

Logo design is the core of any branding solution. It should provide your company with an immediately recognisable visual identity which either portrays or reinforces what you do or the sector that you work in.

As a logo designer in Brighton, I always start off the logo design as a vector. This allows it to be reproduced at any size without loss of quality. Once the basis for the logo is created it can then be tweaked slightly whilst retaining the branded elements within the designs. This allows for an evolution of ideas and a fresh take on designs, to keep the brand interesting and appealing, whilst retaining the visual identity.

If you keep the logo clear and striking it will have maximum impact. Logo design should be kept clean, this means you should not use photographs or busy elements, which can’t be transformed to smaller or larger versions.

I usually create a few versions of the logo because you may need one that is more like an emblem (square or circular) and an alternate version, that is a little longer, to be used in different circumstances.

Each and every logo I create is designed specifically for you. It will be a unique starting point for the visual identity of your business. Once I receive a brief outline of what you’re looking for, I will provide you with a few different mockups, which we can fine tune until you’re completely satisfied.

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