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As the name suggests corporate branding design is designed for large enterprises and would therefore need to cover a wide range of media.

The first step in the process is to create a vector logo that can be scaled to any size. Once the logo has been finalised it is then time to choose a colour scheme, typeface and distinct layout elements to be used in the branding. The design of the logo heavily influences the visual aspects of your brand.

Once the branding guidelines are set up they can then be used on all corporate stationery. This will include business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and other office material like receipts, forms and folders. It should also be used for any advertising that is produced which can include flyers, posters, adverts, brochures or booklets.

Depending on the size and function of the business it can also be used for vehicle livery, clothing and other forms of advertising media. Another thing to consider when creating a corporate brand is the use of merchandising to get your name out there. These two points allow your company to market itself in an expansive way because wherever your staff go in their branded clothing or vehicles, or where your merchandise is distributed, will really extend the area of your campaign.

I think that branding should evolve with your company. When a business is expanding into multiple sectors the evolution of its brand is particularly useful. This means for each area you can have a parent entity or brand which influences its subsidiaries, while still allowing you to create some individuality between sectors. By creating a brand with the diversity of the company in mind, you can market each sector in a unique way, rather than diluting them into a large pool of products or services.

The same guidelines should translate across online media and websites. The key to a strong brand is a consistent visual identity that is immediately recognisable and related to your business sector.

Carefully considered and impressive design influences people’s perception of your business, ensuring it’s shown in the right light.

Get it done right, by your friendly, Brighton based, corporate brand identity designer. 🙂

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