Brand Identity Design

The design of your brand identity will create the character behind your business and provide you with a recognisable identity for all your marketing.

Having a cleverly designed brand for your business is very important, it could even be the most valuable asset. If you invest wisely in your brand identity it can really raise the profile of your business and therefore increase your revenue.

By creating a strong visual identity you ensure that users can immediately recognise your company. This should tie in with all your marketing to create a noticeable relationship between your web presence and any printed material.

Your brand will influence how your users perceive your business so make sure it’s professionally designed to portray you in the right light. If you get it done correctly the first time round it could save you a huge amount of money in the long run. Imagine having all your company stationery and marketing printed without any consistency to it, or a website that doesn’t tie in with your printed material. It would require a huge outlay of funds to get everything produced again so that you’re not alienating your user base with watered down, inconsistent or confusing advertising.

I feel that a brand should not be static, it should always retain the core elements while evolving with the times, this keeps it fresh and inviting. Make sure that your marketing does not become stagnant and keep customers interested in seeing more.

Let me design it all properly for you to ensure you have everything set up correctly for the future.

Your friendly Brand Identity Design services in Brighton with a bit of flair!

Get noticed, get busy and get paid.

Brand Identity was last modified: February 2nd, 2018 by Steve Cartwright