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Cycling Events Artwork

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Cheshire Cat & Peak design montage

I recently created the cycling events artwork below for Velo29 events.  Velo29 purchased a company called kilo2go and asked me to design updated posters and banners for these two key events.  My designs were based on some low res examples of the previous artwork.  This was done so that they would still be familiar / recognisable to riders who had previously taken part.  Even though the designs were based on previous artwork, I decided to take them to the next level by creating a more engaging and better rendered feel.

Cheshire Cat A3 poster designCheshire Cat web banner design

Cheshire Cat artwork

This was the initial design created for the Cheshire Cat cycling sportive.

I illustrated the old low res artwork by redrawing it in Adobe Illustrator.  Creating the main artwork as vectors means that it can be used at a much larger scale without causing pixelation or losing any quality at much larger sizes

I then took it into Photoshop as smart object.  Smart objects allow me to then edit or tweak the vector illustration so it can be updated within the Photoshop layout. bringing the vector illustration into Photoshop to allowed me to add more depth and texture to the flat vector image. To do this I created multiple smart objects of the illustrator file with different blur and overlay effects. I masked out certain areas to allow the background and effects to show through and to convey a sense of movement. This also allowed me to better lead the eye into the event details and text.

Peak A3 poster designPeak web banner design

Peak Sportive designs

The concept for this design was to turn a bike cog into a mountain range.  I began the design process by sourcing relevant images that could be used.  Once I had gathered images, which I felt would be suitable, I then started to compose them into an A3 poster format.  Low res images were initially used so that I could get approval before purchasing them.  Once the mockup had been approved I then purchased the image and began to layer the elements into the design.

This involved using layer modes and masked out areas to overlay the different elements.  I also colour corrected the different elements so that they would fit in with the lighting scheme of the clouds.  I also added some foreground clouds which actually overlap the cogs and title of the event.  This helps to bring everything together and creates a good sense of depth to the final artwork.

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