Brighton Air Addicts logo design

Brighton Air Addicts

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Brighton Air Addicts logo design

Brighton Air Addicts Logo Design for an extreme jet ski club

I recently enjoyed working on the Brighton Air Addicts Logo Design. They are a group of jet skiers who love rough seas, which enable them to ramp off the larger waves and get some air! While they love being extreme, they are also aware of the risks (both to themselves and swimmers in the sea) so they actively promote responsible and sustainable behaviour. Awesome…

The logo needed to convey energy, speed and to illustrate a jet ski jumping from a wave to get some air. The logo design shown above is the final option that they chose to use. This version incorporates rough sea spray around the lettering and an illustrated wave with a jet skier ramping off it.

Brighton Air Addicts logo design option 2

Sharper, cleaner Air Addicts Brighton Logo Design

For the above version of the logo, I decided to go along a cleaner route with sharp angular lettering.  This allowed me to convey the waves and other elements in a different way.  This version would also allow for other elements like vinyl signage to be produced much easier.

This version of the logo also allowed me to really push the typography to illustrate the waves and what they are all about.

Brighton Air Addicts logo design option 3

Rough version of the Brighton Air Addicts Logo Design

This version of the Brighton Air Addicts logo design was created to convey the raw energy and adrenaline of the Air Addicts.  All the elements were much rawer and rough around the edges.  There is a lot of smaller splashes around the lettering to convey the sea spray.

Brighton Air Addicts logo design emblems

Emblem and abbreviated versions of the Brighton Air Addicts logo

The Brighton Air Addicts also requested abbreviated versions of the logo which could be used as vinyl stickers on their jet skis and for other uses like Facebook profile pictures etc.  I’ve shown the above versions which were created in-line with each of the full logo versions.

With the logo they decided to use to also created a clean version without the destroyed and rough edges.  This was for producing in certain situations, like vinyl lettering which would be much easier to implement with cleaner lines.  While the rough version would look great on t-shirts and other merchandise designs.

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