Abri-eco and Bardeli Logo Designs and Branding

Abri-éco Logo Design & Bardeli Branding

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Abri-éco branding and Bardeli logo design

This post highlights the logo designs I created for Abri-éco and Bardeli.  Each of these logos is a bespoke creation, tailored to the customer’s business and preferences.  I enjoy working with varied clients, so that each logo designed, has its own character and is unique.

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments section.  If you’d like me to create a logo and brand identity for you or your business, please get in touch.

Abri-éco branding and business card design

Abri-éco logo design

I designed the Abri-éco Conseil logo for a French company specialising in eco-friendly and economical property renovation. They make property diagnoses and give advice on renovations to help save energy and be more eco-friendly.

I created a number of different options of the Abri-éco logo design, for the client to choose from. These varied from more literal examples showing a house and incorporating ecological elements like leaves to the more abstract ideas. The client settled on this design, that is less obvious but still loosely conveys the roof of a building with an organic and fluid feel. It also incorporates the letter A to reinforce the name of the business.

Abri-éco Conseil business card design

The business card ties in with all the elements created as part of the logo and brand identity I created. Careful attention was put into the placement of the emblems on the back of the card. While the placement seems random the spacing between each emblem was carefully planned and there is a loose pattern as to how they are repeated.

I enjoy patterns that are not immediately obvious which I feel create more visual interest ad=nd encourage viewers to linger a little longer on a design.

Bardeli Supplies branding and business card design

Bardeli Supplies branding & logo design

The new brand identity for Bardeli branding was created to give their visual identity a new lease of life. I created a range of ideas for the re-brand which utilised a variety of different styles, concepts and colour schemes.

This version was chosen, as the client liked the subtle texture of the lettering, which reminded him of salt spilled onto a table and then the lettering formed out of the salt.  While the typography is heavily stylised, it still allows the logo to be easily read, even at small sizes.

To keep the new logo fresh, modern and striking, the vibrant colour scheme was chosen.

Bardeli Supplies business card & comp slip design

Bardeli’s stationery designs utilised a similar style as the elements used in the logo. There is a fine grain texture in the background, to reinforce the powder style of the lettering. The bright colour scheme is also continued as part of the business card and compliment slips.

You can find out more about my logo design and brand identity design services below.

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