CD Cover Design

Be remembered for your great music and add a visual reference to reinforce it.

CD cover design should be high on your list of priorities as a musician or band. This is the point of reference people use to recognise who you are. I am a very visual person and always associate a great album of music with superb cover design. I don’t always remember the album title but always remember the artwork that accompanies it.

When you think about how influential a truly great cd cover is on the success of an album, it just shows how important design is for promoting your music. You worked hard to create the music, now back it up with an iconic design.

The digital music scene has really taken off and you need to promote your cover artwork online as well. What better way to get your music the attention it deserves than to have digital cover imagery that really sells it and entices people to listen to it.

Album cover design can utilise many aspects of my design work, whether its illustration or image manipulation to create striking cover art or a superb booklet layout for song lyrics and other useful information about the band. I am passionate about providing meticulous detail with compelling and striking visuals to give you the best possible exposure.

Creating an alluring DVD cover is just as important, whether it’s for a film you’ve made, a video with information about your business (infomercial), gig dvd or anything else.

I’m here to provide you with stunning designs that will personify your creations.

CD Covers was last modified: November 19th, 2014 by Steve Cartwright